RPST Exit Exam Question and Answer Set-1

This RPST exit exam questions and answer quiz contains 30 questions

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1. One you hear general emergency alarm proceed to

a. Muster station

b. Sleep in cabin

c. Wait for further information

d. None of the above

2. What is MOB (Man Overboard Signal)?

a. Continuous ringing of sheep whistle

b. Three long blasts in ships whistle

c. Seven short blasts followed by one long blast

d. None of the above

3.  The number of rocket parachute flares in life boat

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

d. 6

4.  The number of hand flares in life raft are.

a. 4

b. 6       

c. 7

d. 8

5.  What is the full form of HRU?

a. Hydrostatic Radar unit

b. Hydrostatic Radio unit

c. Hydrostatic Release Unit

d. None of the above

6. How many rocket parachutes are available on bridge

a. 6

b. 8

c. 10

d. 12

7.  The visibility range of a parachute flare at night is approximately

a. 8 nautical miles

b. 10 nautical miles

c. 15 nautical miles

d. 25 nautical miles

8. What equipment is provided in a life raft to help you keep warm in cold weather?

a. The floor of the life raft has a second layer which can be inflated to give additional insulation from the cold

b. The floor of the raft has a second layer which can be inflated to help insulation in addition to the TPA

c. At least 10% of the life raft complement with a minimum of two thermal protective aids are provided

d. Thermal protected Aids (TPA) for each person

9.  Which of the listed requirements do not correspond to the present regulation regarding weak link? Weak link shall

a. Be of sufficient strength to permit inflation of the life raft

b. Release the life raft at a depth of not more than 4 meters

c. Not break by force required to full the painter from the life raft container

d. Break under a strain of approximately 2.2kN


10. If the ship sinks the water pressure will within _____ meter activate the sharp knife which cuts the painter of the life raft.

a. 4 meter

b. 3

c. 5

d. 2

11.  What is a fire wire?

a. Wire of pulling burning ships off the pier

b. Wire for handling fire bucket

c. Wire for pulling fire hoses up to the top bridge

d. Wire for securing smoke divers

12.  The function of hydrostatic release unit (HRU) is

a. substitute for limit switche off gravity davits

b. to automatically invoke the lesson and release the life raft when the ship sinks

c. for releasing the life raft in bad weather

d. for releasing the life raft from sinking vessel

13. after launching an inflatable raft, it should be dry from inside by

a. Opening the automatic drain plug

b. Draining the water pockets

c. Using the electric bilge pump

d. Using the bailer and cellulose sponge

14. Generally, what is used to inflate life rafts?

a. Nontoxic gas

b. Hydrogen

c. Oxygen

d. Helium

15. How many chapters are there in SOLAS?

a. 14                

b. 7

c. 12

d. 10

16. How many VHF survival craft transceivers are required aboard passenger ship?

a. 2

b. 3        

C. 4

d. 5

17.  How can a person on board a ship familiarize himself with the use of life saving appliances?

a. LSA code

b. Maintenance manual

c. Training manual

d. By roaming around the ship

18.  Which code has the technical provisions of carriage requirement for life saving appliances

a. FFA Code

b. LSA Code

c. FTP Code

d. FSS Code

19. What is the requirement for passenger ships having lifeboats?

a. Enough for 80% of the people on board, plus a life raft for crew

b. Enough for all passengers on board, plus life raft for 25% of passengers

c. Enough for crew, plus 80% life rafts for passenger

d. Enough for 80% crew, plus life raft for passengers

20. When launching a life boat, trapping lines should be rigged

a. Before the gripes is released

b. Before the boat is moved from the davits

c. At the embarkation deck

d. After the boat is in the water

21.  If an inflatable life raft is to be released manually, where should the operating cord be attached before throwing the raft overboard

a. Do not attach the cord to anything but throw it overboard with the container

b. Attach the cord to a fixed object on the ship

c. You should stand on the cord

d. Attach the cord to the special pad eye on the 'raft davit launcher'

22. With the immersion suit on, you are expected to climb up and down vertical ladder at least

a. 5 meters or 16 feet

b. 4 meter or 13 feet

c. 4.5 meter or 15 feet

23. HELP position stands for

a. Heat exchange lessening posture

b. Heat escapes lessening period

c. Heat exchange lessening point

d. All the above


24.  Lifebuoys are subjected to which of the following tests?

a. Drop test

b. Fire test

c. Floating test

d. All of the above

25. Lifebuoy self-igniting lights shall be capable of burning for not less than

a. 4 hours

b. 45 minutes

c. 2 hours

d. 8 hours

26. MOB marker buoy is used in case

a. The ship is on fire

b. When some crew member falls into the sea

c. When the ship is sinking

d. When some crew had an injury

27. Match the term LTA with suitable answers given below

a. Messenger line

b. Four projectiles

c. 230 m

d. All the above

28. The maximum capacity of the lifeboat is

a. 28

b. 30

c. 150       

d. 100

29. Onboard training manual is required as per


b. ISM code

c. MLC


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