RPST Exit Exam Question and Answer Set-2

This RPST exit exam questions and answer quiz contains 30 questions

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1. If an enclosed if an enclosed lifeboat is fitted with a self-contained air support system. With the engine running, what is the minimum speed of time the air should remain safe and breathable?

a. 30 min

b. 20 min

c. 5 min

d.  10 min

2. What is the purpose of job ' Bowsing tackle ' (block and tackle) supplied at each end of the lifeboat?

a. It is designed to pull the boat alongside the embarkation deck after tracing pennants have been released

b. It enables the boat to be secured to the embarkation deck so that the wire falls can be released for changing or end for ending

c. It is a general-purpose tackle to be used in any type of emergency

d. It keeps the boat alongside the embarkation deck so that the tracing pennants can be released

3. A person wearing a life jacket or immersion suit shall be able to turn from face-down to a face-up position is not more than

a. 5 sec

b. 15 sec

c. 8 sec

d. 10 sec

4. How many VHF survival craft transceivers are required aboard passenger ship?

a. 2

b. 3

C. 4

d. 5

5. The visible range of a parachute flare at night is approx.

a. 8 nm

b. 10 nm

c. 15 nm

d. 25 nm

6. Inflatable life rafts are less maneuverable than lifeboats due to there.

a. Shape

b. large sail area

c. shallow draft

d. all of the above

7. According to the regulations, the capacity of a life raft is required to be marked.

a. On the muster list ('station bill")

b. On the certificate of inspection

c. At the life raft storage location

d. In the operations manual

8. The capacity of any life raft on board a vessel can be determined by

a. Examining the certificate of inspection

b. Examining the plate on the outside of the raft container

c. Referring to the muster list ("station bill")

d. Referring to the shipping articles

9.  A prior to entering a davit-launched life raft, you should make sure that

a. The life raft is well ventilated with excess carbon dioxide

b. All personnel have removed their preservers to facilitate boarding

c. The door flap has been cut away and stowed inside the raft

10.  The davit launched life raft can be boarded.

a. From the water only

b. by jumping down into IT

c. At the desk

d. Through the escape tube

11. Life boat should have

a. Two buoyant rescue quoits, attached to not less than 30 meters buoyant line.

b. Two buoyant rescue quoits, attached to not less than 15 meters buoyant line

c. One buoyant rescue quoit, attached to not less than 30 meters buoyant line

d. One buoyant rescue quoit, attached to not less than 15 meters buoyant line

12.  In a freefall life boat instead immersion suits TPAs are provided to all persons

a. True

b. False

13. Hand flares burn with bright red color

a. True

b. False


14.  Luminous intensity of hand flares should not less than

a. 15000 CD

b. 20000 CD

c. 25000 CD

d. None of the above

15. LTA is used as

a. Messenger line

b. Heaving line

c. Mooring line

d. lashing line

16. Lifeboats must be stowed in such a way that they can be launched in min

a. 10 min

b. 5 min

c. 15 min

d. 2 min

17. A distress signal on deck

a. Pyrotechnics

b. Open fire

c. Flag NC

d. All of the above

18. MOB smoke floats working duration

a. 3 min

b. 5 min

c. 15 min

d. 10 min

19. Child life jacket requirement in cargo vessel

a. 0.1         

b. 0.15

c. 0.2

d. 0.25

20. Once you hear the fire alarm proceed to?

a. Stay in your cabin

b. Await further information

c. Proceed to muster station

d. None of the above

21.  Which one of the listed requirements regarding lifeboat fittings do not correspond to present regulation? All lifeboats shall be fitted with

a. Effective means for bailing or having self-bailing arrangement

b. release device to enable forward painter to be released under tension

c. a remotely operated steering arrangement

d. a buoyant lifeline bucketed around the outside of the lifeboat


22.  Which one of the listed requirements regarding the stowage of life boat and life raft does not correspond to present regulation? (SOLAS 11/13.3-13.6)

a. a davit launched life raft Shall be stowed within reach of the lifting hooks unless adequate means of transport is provided

b. life rafts intended for throw overboard launching shall be stowed amid ships secured to means for transfer to either side

c. life raft shall be stowed as to permit manual release from their securing arrangement

d. lifeboat shall be stowed attached to launching appliances


23. After the abandon ship the survivor in a life boat must be given

a. 1 liter of water each

b. 2 liters of water each

c. No water for the first 24 hours

d. Half a liter of water each

24. Fire-protected lifeboats when waterborne should be capable of protecting its full complement when subjected to a continuous oil fire that envelops the boat for a period of not less than how many minutes?

a. 8 min

b. 10 min

c. 15 min

d. 20 min

25. An enclosed lifeboat is fitted with contained air support system, with the engine running what is the minimum period of time the air should remain safe and breathable

a. 5 min

b. 10 min

c. 15 min

d. 20 min

26. The smoke detector (fire indicator) indicates fire in cargo hold loaded by general cargo. What first action should be taken?

a. Use the ship's gas extinguishing central system to put out the fire

b. Inspect the scene before deciding the method to be used for fire fighting

c. Start the fire pump, open the hatches and start firefighting by fire hoses

d. Close the ventilation system and other openings to hold in order to choke the fire

27. Posters of sign shall be provided on or in the vicinity of Survival craft and their launching controls. Which of the following requirements do not have to be included according to present regulation?

a. Use recommended signals

b. Give relevant instructions and warnings

c. Give information on survival craft capacity

d. Illustrate the purpose of controls and the procedures of operating the appliance

28.  Lifebuoy self-igniting lights shall be capable of burning for not less than

a. 2 hours

b. 4 hours

c. 45 minutes

d. 8 hours

29. Which of the listed requirements for cargo ships regarding personal life saving appliances does not correspond to present regulation?

a. A ship with the length of 100 m or less shall carry a minimum of 8 lifebuoys

b. Ships fitted with freefall lifeboat May carry thermal protective aids instead of immersion suits

c. Cargo ships of less than 85 m in length shall as a general rule carry immersion suit for every person onboard

d. Self igniting lights for life buoys required on tankers shall be of an electric battery type

30. Which of the given requirements regarding manning and supervision of Survival craft corresponds to the SOLAS regulations?

a. every lifeboat required to carry radio Telegraph installation Shall have a deck officer capable of operating the equipment assigned

b. a deck officer or certified persons shall be placed in charge of each Survival craft to be used

c. every motorized survival craft Shall have a certified engineer assigned


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