STSDSD exit exam questions and answer set - 4

STSDSD exit exam questions and answer quiz contain questions Answer

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1. On of the functional requirements requiring training, drills and exercises is to ensure familiarity with security plans and procedures

a. True

b. False

2. We shall request for completion of DOS in following case?

a. When ship and the port are on same security level

b. When the ship and other ship it is interfacing with are on some security level

c. There has been a safety incident on board

d. There has been a security threat to the port or other ship it is interfacing with


3.  Can an ISS certificate be issued or endorsed by?

a. Class surveyor

b. Port state surveyor

c. Cargo surveyor

d. Flag state                


4. Who is responsible for submission of ship security plan for approval?

a. Master

b. Port security officer

c. Ship security officer

d. Company security officer      


5. Which of the below spaces in galley and dry stores are least venerable for smuggling of drugs and contraband?

a. In the galley first aid box                  

b. In the flour bins

c. Under or behind standard refrigerators

d. Inside fish or slides of beef in freezer


6. Who shall be involved in the ship shore security drill?

A) Contracting the govt

b) SSO


D) All of the above


7. What are the Ion scan primary use

A) Plants detection

B) Cigarettes detection

C) Drug detection

D) Liquor detection


8. When doing physical search of a package bag we should look for

A) The size of bag

B) The quality of bag

C) Locking arrangement of bag

D) Any visible unbalanced weight in bag or package


9. Which of the following is not mentioned in CSR record?

A) The CSO name

B) The classification society details

C) The details of authority auditing the vessel for DOC & SMC

D) The details of bareboat charterers


10. Seafarers with designated security duties are responsible for?

A) Security training of crew

B) Security assessment of the ship

C) Knowledge of the emergency procedure

D) Amendment of security plan


11. Who is responsible for submitting the security plan for approval

A) The Master

B) The SSO

C) The CSO

D) The CEO


12. The on-scene security survey shall fulfill the following function

A) Identify the nationality of the crew

B) Identify the ships navigation efficiency

C) Identify the ships' engines performance

D) Identification of likelihood of occurrence of possible threats to key ship operations


13. The SSA report shall consist of the following:

A) The summary of port activities

B)  The summary of how the assessment was conducted

C) The summary of crew behavior

D) The summary of cargo operation


14. The security drill can be conducted

A) On phone call

B) On email

C) As a circular to all

D)   As a combination with other exercises held such as search and rescue exercise


15. CSO is required to maintain the records of maintenance calibration of security equipment.

A) True

B) False


16. The SSP is a controlled confidential:

A) True

B) False


17. Under ISPS code describes the current scenario related to the security threat to the country and its coastal region including the ships visiting that country

A) Exchange rate


C) Daily news channels

D) Security levels


18. An ISS certificate can be issued or endorsed by:

A) Class Surveyor

B) Port State Surveyor

C) Cargo Surveyor

D) Flag State


19. Before hiding in the safe house or citadel we shall:

A) Inform the pirates

B) Inform the owners

C) Inform the CSO

D) Stop the generator and do blackout


20. We shall request for completion of DOS in the following case:

A) When ship and port are on same security level

B) When the ship and the other ship it is interfacing with are on same security level

C) There has been a safety incident on board

D) There has been a security threat to the port or the other ship it is interfacing with


21. Which of the below spaces in galley and dry stores are least venerable for smuggling

A) In the galley first aid box •

B) In the flour bins

C) Under or behind standard refrigerators

D) Inside fish or sides of beef in freezer


22. Which of the following equipment's are part of cyber security:

A) Meteorological equipment

B) Precision equipment

C) Integrated bridge system • 

D) SOPEP Equipment

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