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In normal conditions, in exterior spaces the minimum sound pressure levels for broadcasting emergency announcements shall be

a. 50 DB

b.  100 DB

c. 75 DB

d. 80 DB


Sea sickness is caused by rolling or rocking motions which affect the fluids in the

a. Stomach

b. Lower intestine

c.  Inner ear

d.  Bladder


Luminous intensity of hand flares should not be less than

a.  15000 CD

b.  20000 CD

c.  25000 CD

d.  None of the above


The marine evacuation system shall be capable of transfer of persons of persons from ship within

a. 5 min in the case of a passenger ship

b.  10 min in the case of a passenger ship

c. 20 min in the case of a passenger ship

d. 30 min in the case of a passenger ship


The maximum length of a rescue boat

a. 8.5 meter

b. 7.3 meter

c. 3.8 meter

d. None of the above

The duration of life jacket self-igniting light is

a. 4 hours

b. 5 hours

c. 6 hours

d. 8 hours

The luminous intensity of a life jacket light

a. 0.25 CD

b. 0.50 CD

c. 0.75 CD

d. 0.85 CD


How many buoyant smoke signals are available in life raft?

a. 2

b. 4

c. 6

d. 8


The quantity of water supplied to each person per day on life boat is

a. 1 liter

b. 2 liters

c. 1.5 liter                     

d. 3 liters


What is the range of SART for detecting aircraft?

a. 10 nm

b. 20 nm

c. 30 nm                       

d. None of the above


SART lithium battery voltage

a.  2 V

b. 4 V

c.  5 V

d.  None of the above


The immersion suit does not allow the body temperature to drop by more than when immersed for a period of when the water temperature is between 0 and 2 degrees

a.  2 degrees, 4 hours

b. 2 degrees, 6 hours

c.  1 degree, 4 hours

d.  1 degree, 6 hours


Your small vessel is broken down and rolling in heavy seas. You can reduce the possibility of capsizing by

a.  Rigging a sea anchor

b. Constantly shifting the rudder

c. Moving all personnel forward and low

d.  Moving all personnel aft


14. Which statement concerning homing signals in the GMDSS is false?

a. A homing signal provides a bearing for rescue personnel to follow to the signal's source

b. A homing signal is detected by the COSPAS-SARSAT satellites

c. c. A homing signal cannot be detected by a GPS receiver

d. A homing signal may be transmitted by equipment attached to the survival craft


Which virtual distress signal is acceptable for daylight use only?

a.  Hand-held red flare

b. Self-contained rocket-propelled parachute red flare

c. Hand-held orange smoke distress flare

d. Red aerial pyrotechnic flare


16. How can a SART's effective range be mixed?

a. The SART should be placed in water immediately upon activation

b. The SART should be held as high as possible

c. Switch the SART into the "high" power position

d. If possible, the SART should be mounted horizontally so that its signal matches that of the searching radar signal


Your vessel has 3 lifeboats on each side. The after most boat on the star board side is designated as boat number

a. 6

b. 5

c. 3



What is the first action in case of man overboard?

a. Throw a life buoy

b. Inform bridge

c. Raise alarm

d. None of the above


All pyrotechnics have a shelf life of

a. 48 months

b. 3 years

c. 5 years

d.  None of the above


VHF EPIRB is designed to be used in which areas?

a. Area Al

b. Area A1-A2

c. Area A4

d. None of the above


What should you do as soon as you enter a life raft?

a. Drink a gallon of water

b. Take anti sea sickness tablet

c. Use fishing tackle and fish

d. All of the above


As per the regulation life savings appliances need NOT to have?

a. Bright color with reflective tape

b. Resistant to sunlight

c. Ready accessible and easy to launch

d. None of the above


Davit of rescue boats due to limit switch how much before the end ?

a. 10 inches

b. 2 inches

c. 1 inch

d. 15 inches


How much is the maximum capacity of the life boat?

a. 20 persons

b. 100 persons

c. 150 persons

d. 60 persons


Frequency at which the SART operates

a. 5 Ghz, 3 cm X band

b. 9 Ghz, 9 cm X band

c. 9 Ghz, 3 cm X band

d. 5 Ghz, 9 cm X band


How much is the duration of the hand flare for the time it works?

a. 60 seconds

b. 90 seconds

c. 5 seconds

d. 30 seconds


27. At what maximum list of a vessel, the life boat are designed to be launched

a. Can be launched in calm weather only

b. 5-degree list

c. 10-degree list

d. Up to 20 degrees


At what maximum trim of a vessel, the lifeboats are designed to be launched

a. 15 degrees

b. Calm weather

c. 10 degrees

d. 30 degrees


Safety training on board to the personnel is provided as per the?


b. MLC

c. ISM



Hatches on the life boat are designed such that?

a. Watertight and can be opened and closed from both sides

b. Watertight and can be opened and closed from only inside

c. Self-closing type

d. Bolted type with watertight capabilities


Good housekeeping is considered necessary for preventing accidents at sea, what is true regarding same?

a. Securing tools after work is not needed as we need them next day also

b. Engine room should be locked, when no one is inside

c. Wearing dirty clothes in a galley or mess room should be avoided

d. None of the above

How can you indicate that your vessel is distress?

a. Sounding five or more short and rapid blasts on the whistle

b. Continuously sounding the fog whistle

c. Displaying a large red flag

d. Displaying three black balls in a vertical line


An inflatable life raft is hand-launched by

a. Removing the rubber packing strip

b. Pulling a cord

c. Throwing the center container overboard

d. Cutting the wire restraining bands


"Thermal protective aids" are required for what percentage of the persons a survival craft is equipped to carry?

a. 10%

b. 50%

c. 75%

d.  100%


Which gas is mostly used in filling the cylinder of inflatable life raft

a. Oxygen

b. C02

c. Nitrogen

d. Carbon mono oxide


Regulations regarding lifeboats on board is best described by?

a. Two life boats on each side, with each having a carrying capacity of 125%                    *

b. Lifeboat color can be any as available

c. Engine fitted on lifeboats should be air started

d. Lifeboats cannot be used as rescue boats


SART works on which radar

a. S band

b. X band

c. Y Band


38. Which item in the life boat is a study material?

a. Instruction on how to survive

b. Sea sickness kit

c. Bailer

d. Heliograph


Which code regulates the training manual

a. SOLAS under chapter II (2) and (3)


c. Local regulation

d. ISPS code

How long SART operate in standby mode

a. 8 hrs.

b. 24 hrs.

c. 96 hrs.

d. None of the above


Which of the following is consumable

a. Food ration

b. Drinking water

c. Anti-sea sickness tablets

d. All of the above

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