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Life jacket light shall have a source of energy capable of providing luminous intensity of for a period of

a. .75 cd/8 hrs

b. .50 cd/8 hrs

c. .75 cd/6 hrs

d. .50 cd/ 6 hrs.


Which one of the listed requirements regarding the buoyant smoke signal doesn't respond to present regulation? The buoyant smoke signal shall

a. Emit smoke for at least 3 min when floating in calm water

b. Continue to EMIT smoke when submerged in water image

c. Not be swamped in a seaway

d. Give a bright red during the inter emission time


The working duration of man overboard smoke signal is

a.  3 minutes

b. 5 minutes

c.  15 minutes

d.   10 minutes


What is the "Bowsing tackle" as fitted on some lifeboats used for?

a.   To secure bow of the lifeboat to the main deck bollards

b. To hold the lifeboat close to the embarkation deck

c. A stretcher for safe embarkation of injured persons

d. To hold the life boat alongside the ship after launching


Before lifting a life boat from the water, it must be ensured that

a. Sea anchor is steamed

b.  Engine id going astern

c.  Bottom plug is shipped tight

d.  Fall wires are clear and hooked securely


Which  of the listed  requirements do  not correspond  to the  present regulation  regarding weak link? weak link shall

a. Be of sufficient strength to permit inflation of the life raft

b. Release the life raft at a depth of not more than 4 meters

c. Not break by force required to full the painter from the life raft container

d. Break under a strain of approximately 2.2 KN



What is the minimum number of crew required in rescue boats?

a. Two persons

b. Three persons

c. Five persons                

d. Four persons


8. Which of the listed requirements do not correspond to present regulations? The life raft shall have

a. A manually controlled lamp visible of at least two miles fitted at the top of the canopy

b. All entrances fitted with rigid boarding ramps for boarding the life raft at sea

c. Floor preventing the ingress of water

d. Manually controlled lamp fitted inside the life raft


SART is the search and rescue radar transponder. How is this device activated?

a. It has to be switched on by the master when the order to abandon ship is given

b. It has to be thrown into the sea where it will self-activate

c. It will be activated by the nearest coast station

d. It is carried into the survival craft and switched on by the occupants


The minimum length of lifeboat should be

a. 7.3 meters

b. 8.5 meters

c. 3.8 meters

d. None of the above

The shelf life of EPIRB battery is

a.  1 year

b. 3 to 5 years

c. 5 years

d.  10 years

How long will a parachute flare burn after it has been fired into the air?

a. Minimum of five minutes

b. Minimum of two minutes

c. Minimum of 30 seconds

d. Minimum of 40 seconds


VHF EPIRB is designed to be used in which area?

a. Area Al

b. Area A1-A2

c. Area A4

d. None of the above


When floating, a life raft must be able to withstand repeated jumps onto it, both with and without the canopy erected, from a height above its floor of at least

a.  18 meters

b.  10 meters

c. 4.5 meters

d.  20 meters


Which equipment of the following SOLAS PACK B life raft does not have?

a. Fishing tackle + food + drinking water

b. Fishing tackle + drinking water + bailer

c. Fishing tackle + sea sick bags + drinking water

d. None of the above

As for regulations, a cargo ship of length less than 100 meters should have life buoys

a. 8

b. 10

c. 12

d.  14


In cargo vessel what is the requirement of child life jacket?

a. 10%

b. 15%

c. 20%

d. 25%


Life should have

a. 2 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 30 m buoyant line

b. 2 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 15 m buoyant line

c. 1 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 30 m buoyant line

d. 1 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 15 m buoyant line


How many hand flares should each life raft normally carry?

a. 2

b. 4

c. 6

d. 10


Which of the following regarding immersion suit is true?

a. It's zip to be greased using manufacture recommended lubricants

b. It's fireproof

c. Both a and b

d.  None of the above


The lamp on the top of a life raft canopy must operate continuously or flash at the specified rate for at least

a. 8 hours

b. 2 hours

c. 12 hours

d.   4 hours


The liquid in the wet card compass is a mixture of

a. Distilled water and pure ethyl alcohol

b. Distilled water and isopropyl alcohol

c. Distilled water and methyl alcohol

d. None of the above


The number of lifebuoys on a cargo ship of length than 100 meters is

a. 4

b. 6

c. 8

d. 10


The duration of the buoyant smoke marker is

a. 1 min

b. 10 min

c. 15 min

d. 3 min


Which of the following is/are the SOLAS requirements for rocket parachute fl

a. The rocket shall, when fired vertically, reach an altitude of not less than 300m

b. Burn uniformly with an average luminous intensity of not less than 3<

c. Having a burning period of not less than 40s

d. All of the above



The breaking strength of line throwing appliances should not be less than

a. 2 KN

b. 4 KN

c. 6 KN

d. 8 KN


Which of the following statements is true concerning life jackets?

a. Buoyant vests may be substituted for life jackets

b. Life jackets are designed to turn an unconscious person's face clear water

c. Lifejackets must always be worn with the same side facing outwards to float

d. Lightly stained or faded life jackets will fall in the water and should not be us


HELP position stands for

a. Heat exchange lessening posture

b. Heat exchange lessening period

c. Heat exchange lessening point

d. None of the above


Passenger vessels 240 meters and over in length should have

a. 8 life buoys

b. 12 life buoys

c. 20 life buoys

d. 30 life buoys


Sea anchor is used to reduce the of survival craft

a. Fuel consumption

b, ETA

c. Drift rate

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