RFPFF Exit Exam Questions and Answer Updated Set- 4

RFPFF exit exam questions and answer quiz contain questions Answer

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When reasonable and practicable how often shall rescue boats to be launched with their assigned crew and maneuvered in water?

A) Every month

B) Every week

C) Once in three months*

D) Once in 2 weeks


Your vessel is in collision and you are not sure if your vessels is sinking or not. How will you handle this situation?

A) Search for missing persons, continue to monitor the situation and prepare for abandonment if required *

B) B) Leave the vessel and stay close 5NM

33. The visible range of Parachute Flares in night time?


B) 10 NM

C) 15 NM

D) 25 NM

34. Meaning of PASS in portable fire extinguishers?

A) Pass, Aim, Shut, Sit

B) Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

C) Pass, At, Sure, Speed

D) Pass, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep


How should the painter of a life raft which is fitted with a HRU to be secured to the ship?

A) Secured via a weak link to a secure point *

B) Secured to a part of hydrostatic release that is

designed to break free

C) It should not be secured in any way

D) Directly to a secure point of the ship


Before lifting a lifeboat from water, it must be ensured that

A) bottom plug is shipped

B) Fall wires are clear and hooked securely •

C) Engine is going astern

D) Sea Anchor is streamed


Extinguisher that can be used for Class - F/K fires?

A) CO2


C) Foam

D) Wet Chemical


What is the color coding of Portable water extinguisher?

A) Cream

B) Yellow

C) Blue

D) Signal Red .


Which type of extinguisher is hard to recharge onboard?

A) CO2 .


C) Foam

D) Water type


Radiation is the transfer of heat through the physical movement of particles from hotter to coldest zone.

A.  True

B.  False •

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