RFPFF Exit Exam Questions and Answer Updated Set- 2

RFPFF exit exam questions and answer quiz contain questions Answer

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1.  A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is required to be recharged if the weight loss exceeds what percentage of the weight of the charge? (Small passenger vessel regulations)

One percent

Five percent

Seven percent

Ten percent •


2. Fire hydrant valves on a crude oil tanker shall be isolated from the crude oil washing system by

spade blanks

face blanks

non-return valves

automatic closing valves


3. How do you operate a portable CO2 fire extinguisher?

Point the horn down.

Turn the cylinder upside-down.

Break the rupture disc.

Pull pin, squeeze grip. •


4. All portable fire extinguishers must be capable of being

carried by hand to a fire          •

carried or rolled to a fire

recharged in the field

used on class HB" fires


5. Recharging a previously used cartridge-operated dry chemical fire extinguisher is accomplished by

authorized fire equipment servicing personnel only

replacing the propellant cartridge and refilling it with powder •

puncturing the cartridge seal after installation

recharging the cartridge and refilling it with powder


6. Multiple fire pumps may be used for other purposes provided that one pump is.

on line to the fire main

kept available for use on the fire main at all times •

capable of being connected to the fire main

rated at or above 125 psi


7.  Fire hoses should always be stowed at the fire main in a manner which will allow

all sections to be quickly connected

the nozzle end to be run out to the fire

all sections to be quickly drained

the nozzle and fittings to be easily and quickly inspected


8. What is the most vulnerable part of the fire main system?

The fire pumps

Exposed hard piping

The hydrant valves

The fire hose                *


9. In what location MUST a duplicate fire control plan be located?


Engine Room

Crew Mess

Chief Mate's Office


10. A vessel's fire control plan shall be.

posted every 150 feet along the most continuous deck on the vessel,

permanently posted for the guidance of ship's officers.

given to each crew member in booklet form.

translated into three languages: English, French and Spanish.


11. The muster list shows each rig hand's muster station, his duties during abandonment, basic instructions, and.

All emergency signals

Instructions for lowering the survival craft

The time each weekly drill will be held

work schedule


12. Which of the following statements is true concerning fire hose stations used in the engine room of a tanker or cargo vessel?

It must be marked in red letters two inches high

National Standard fire hose coupling threads shall be used having 9 threads per inch for 2 1/2-inch hose and 7 1/2 threads per inch for 1 1/2-inch hose.

In heavy weather, the hose may be removed temporarily from the hydrant.


13. A fireman's outfit carried onboard cargo vessels, must have a.

canister-type gas mask

fresh-air breathing apparatus

self-contained breathing apparatus •

combustible gas indicator


14. The international shore connection.

allows hook up of firefighting water from shore facilities •

satisfies pollution prevention requirements

allows emergency use of the fire main for de ballasting

permits discharge of waste oil to shore facilities


15. Automatic fire dampers in ventilation systems are operated by use of.

heat or smoke detectors

C02 system pressure switches

remotely operated valves

fusible links


16. If passengers are on board when an abandon ship drill is carried out, they should.

take part


 go to their quarters

stay out of the way and do what they want


17. The locker or space containing the self-contained breathing apparatus must be.

located in close proximity to the bridge

equipped with battery powered emergency lighting



18. Which type of extinguisher is hard to recharge onboard?

A) CO2





19.  What is the duration of EEBD?

A) 05 mins

B) 8 mins

C) 12 mins

D) 10 mins


20. What   action   should   be   taken   immediately after a fire has been extinguished?

A) They are liable to spontaneous combustion

B) They are not a hazard

C) They are not a hazard unless ignited

D) They generate their own oxygen when

ignited   and   difficult   to   extinguish


20. The main  advantage of  a positive  pressure breathing apparatus is

A) Wetting

B) Near to the entrance to the space

C) There is no such standard practice

D) Under porthole or window


21. There are two disadvantages to CO2 when used as a total flooding firefighting agent. One of them is extinguishing concentration will not support human life and

A) The lack of cooling effect on heated materials 

B) It breaks down under extreme heat to form poisonous gases

C) It cannot be used in a dead ship situation without electrical power available to CO2 pump

D) There is no effect on class A fire even in an enclosed space


22. 6) Foam tends to extinguish fire by

A) Chemically absorbing oxygen

B) Smothering the burning material

C) Releasing large amount of CO2

D) None of the above


23. If restricted visibility encountered in an accommodation fire, you would

A) Carry a torch

B)   Stand up straight to keep your head above the smoke

C)  Use of a fan to blow the smoke and flames

D) Rig lifelines to assist a retreat


24. Firefighters should   come   back   from   the area

A) After 10 mins of fire fighting

B) Upon instruction from other fire fighter

C)   Upon hearing  the warning  sound from SCBA

D) None of the above


25. In portable fire extinguishers, PASS stands for

A) Pass, Aim, Squeeze, SWEEP

B) Pass, Aim, Shut, Sit

C) Pass, At, Sure, Speed

D) Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep


26. The color coding of portable extinguisher is

A) Signal Red

B) Blue

C) Black


27. Automatic CO2 release system is for which space?

A) Accommodation

B) Main Deck

C) Engine Room

D) None of the above


28. In which language FIRE CONTROL PLAN is written onboard?

A) French

B) English

C) Spanish

D) Any local language


29. Class-A fire extinguisher is best used on?

A) Solids

B) Liquids

C) Gas

D) Metals

30. What is the maximum weight of a portable fire extinguisher?

A) 16 Kg

B) 25 Kg

C) 12 Kg

D) 23 Kg 

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