RPST Exit Exam Question and Answer Set - 5

 This RPST exit exam questions and answer quiz contains 30 questions

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1. When a helicopter is lifting personnel from an enclosed lifeboat, the other individuals on the board should.

a. Enter the water in case the person being lifted slips from the sling

b. Stand on the outside of the boat to assist the person being lifted

c. Remove their life preservers to prepare for their transfer to the helicopter

d. Remain seated inside to provide bodyweight for stability

2. The primary danger in helicopter fires is.

a. Burning jet fuel running on to quarter or other areas

b. Loss of stability

c. Rotating and flying debris

d. Heat damage to helicopter structure


3. You are involved in an emergency landing of a helicopter on the water. You should inflate your life jacket.

a. Upon entering the helicopter

b. Prior to reaching the water

c. After reaching the water, but prior to exiting the helicopter

d. After exiting clear of the helicopter


4. A line throwing appliance is used

a. To pick up a survivor in the water

b. To bring a life raft in the water close to the ship

c. To make a connection between a distressed ship and a safe ship to pass towing line

d. To connect to a life boat in the water


5. Which signal is detected as originating from a SART?

a. The Morse code district series S-O-S repeated 3 times followed by D E and the vessel's call sign

b. A line of blip code on a radar screen outward from the SART's position along its line of bearing

c. A line of blip code on a radar screen inward from the SART's position to its own ship along its line of bearing

6. The number of rocket parachute flares on the bridge are:

a. 9

b. 12

c. 15

d. 18


7. Which precaution should be taken when testing a line throwing gun?

a. Never remove the line from rocket

b. Fire it at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the horizon

c. Wear asbestos gloves

8. Which ship board equipment will detect a signal from a SART?

a. S- brand Radar

b. A DSC receiver

c. X- brand Radar

d. The auto alarm

9. What is the lifesaving signal for "you are seen- assistance will be given as soon as possible"?

a. 3 white star signal

b. Horizontal motion with a white flag

c. Vertical motion of white flag

d. Color code "k" by blinker light

10. When will the float-free emergency position indicating radio location beacon be activated after abandoning ship?

a. Immediately after floating free

b. After about one hour when the salt water activates the battery

c. Only when keyed by the radar of another vessel

d. Only when daylight activates the photovoltaic cell


11. The number of lifebuoys on a ship is dependent on

a. What owners provide

b. Minimum of 10

c. Minimum of 15

d Length of the vessel


12. Ship specific LSA information is provided in






13. Which of the following requirements for immersion suit is correct?

a. Donned in 2 min

b. Allow the wearer to jump from 4.5 met

c. Allow the wearer to climb down a vertical ladder of 5 met

d. All the above


14. How much faster does the human body lose heat in the water

a. 10

b. 20

c. 26

d. 36


15. The donning time for immersion suit is

a. 2 min

b. 5 min

c. 3 min

d. 1 min

16. When a person floating in the water in a group they should be in

a. HELP position

b. HUDDLE position

c. YOGA position

d. None of the above

17. How should the painter of a life raft which is fitted with hydrostatic release be secured to the ship

a. Secured via a weak link to a secured point on the ship

b. Secured to the part of hydrostatic release that is designed to break free

c. It should not be secured in any way

d. Directly to a secure point on the ship

18. Which one of the listed requirements regarding the buoyant smoke signal does not correspond to present regulation? The buoyant smoke signals shall

a. Emit smoke for at least 3 min when floating in calm water

b. Continue to emit smoke when submerged in water for a period of 10 min inside 10 cm of water

c. Not be swamped in a seaway

d. Give a bright red light during the entire emission time


19. Which one of the listed requirements regarding rigid life raft does not correspond to present regulation? The rigid life shall have

a. A manually controlled Lamp visible for 2 NM fitted at the top of canopy

b. Floor preventing the Ingression of water

c. All entrances fitted with rigid boarding ramps for boarding life rafts at sea

d. A manually controlled lamp fitted inside the life raft

20. Checking and servicing life rafts as per PMS is

a. Once a year

b. Twice a year

c. Once in 5 years

d. Based on condition of life raft

21. Before lifting a lifeboat from water it should be ensured that

a. Bottom plug is secured tight

b. Falls wires are clear and secured tightly

c. Engine is going astern

d. Sea Anchor is streamed

22. Which one of the routine tests and inspections of LSA is not required by regulations?

a. Life boat engine to be run for at least 3 minutes every week

b. Survival craft and R/boats with launching appliances shall be visually inspected weekly

c. Inspection of lifeboat equipment shall be carried out monthly

d. General Emergency Alarm to be tested daily


23. The function of Hydrostatic Release unit is

a. Substitute for limit switch of gravity davits

b. To automatically unhook the lashing and release the life rafts when the ship sinks

c. For releasing life rafts in bad weather

d. For releasing lifeboat from sinking vessel

24. Lifeboats should have

a. Two buoyant rescue quoits, attached to not less than 30 meters buoyant line

b. Two buoyant rescue quoits, attached to not less than 15 meters buoyant line

c. One buoyant rescue quoit, attached to not less than 30 meters buoyant line

d. One buoyant rescue quoit, attached to not less than 15 meters buoyant line

25. In a freefall lifeboat instead of immersion suit TPAs are provided to all persons

a. True

b. False


26. Hand flares burn with bright red color

a. True

b. False

27. Luminous intensity of Hand flares should not be less than

a. 15000 cd

b. 20000 cd

c. 25000 cd

d. None of the above

28. LTA is used as

a. Messenger line

b. Heaving line

c. Mooring line

d. lashing line

29.  Life jacket light shall have a source of energy capable of providing luminous intensity of for a period.

a. .75cd/8hrs

b. .50cd/8hrs

c. .75cd/6hrs

d. .50cd/6hrs

30. Life boat must be stowed in such a way that they can be launched in________ minute.

a. 10 min

b. 5 min

c. 2 min


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