PSSR Exit Exam Question and Answer Set-2

This PSSR exit exam questions and answer quiz contain 30 questions

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1. How can information regarding a sick person or injured person be disseminated to the CIRM ?

a. By using the appropriate reporting form

b. By contacting the family doctor of the sick persons

c. By passing on medical examination report from the company

d. None of the above

2. Loose gear should be lashed in front of the freezing ports so it will not roll about the decks

a. True

b. False

3. If you saw wisps of smoke coming keeping out under the engine room door you immediately

a. Raise the alarm               

b. Activate the fixed fire fighting system

c. Shut off the main fuel supply

d. Close the air vents

4. Life jacket should be marked with the

a. Maximum weight allowed

b. Stowage space assigned

c. Vessel's home port

d. Vessel's name

5. What is the life saving signal at day for" you are seen-assistance will be given as soon as possible' ?

a.   Green star rocket

b.   Red star rocket

c. Orange smoke signal

d. Horizontal motion a flag

6. The receiver misunderstand senders message and

a.   This could lead to effective communication

b. This could lead to a barrier to effective communication

c. This could lead to wonderful communication

7. Empathetic listening helps you to

a. Improve mutual understanding and trust

b. Improve mutual understanding

c. Improve mutual understanding and feeling

d. Improve trust and friendship

8. The problem of misunderstanding can be eliminated by providing to the clients while explain in the process

a. Examples

b. Theories

c. Sample

9. Name of two officers who liaise with each other to try out the steering gear

a. Chief engineer and chief officer

b. Second engineer and second officer

c. Third engineer and third officer


10. Speech rate is usually much than the rate at which we think

a.   Tedious

b.   Slower

c.  Faster

11. In verbal communication process, the direct exchange of occurs, between the sender and the receiver

a.   Mails

b. Words

c. Gestures

12. What is discrimination ?

a. Making false statement about others

b. Making judgments or statements based upon comparison

c. Judging people discriminately

d.  Making hateful content

13. What governs safe procedures at work

a. The international convention on standards of training, certificate and keeping for seafarers (STCW)

b. International safety management (ISM) code safety and health

c. Occupational act (OSHA)

d. The code of safe working practices

14. How do you combat harassment ?

a. By being assertive

b. By reporting harassing behavior to your superiors

c. By confronting the harasser

15. What is the key to leadership ?

a. Taking authority

b. Taking responsibility

c.   Effective communications



16. "Human elements" in ship means

a. Human behavior

b. Human relationship

c. Human interaction

d.  Human error

17. The wind lass is located at

a.   The stern f the ship

b.  The forecastle of the ship

c. Amidships

d. The engine room

18. Displacement refers to the

a. Cubic capacity of a vessel

b. Deadweight carrying a vessel

c. Gross tonnage off a vessel

d.  Number of long tons of water displaced by vessel a float

19. What term indicated an inward curvature of the ship's hull above the waterline

a.   Camber

b.  Tumble home

c.   Deadrise

d.   Flare

20.  Compared to oil tankers, chemical tankers are

a. More complex to operate

b. Less complex to operate

c. As large as oil tankers

d. Capable of carrying only one grade of chemical

21.  In the concept of ship handling, what would be the definition of shallow water

a. Water depth of less than twice a vessel's draft

b. Water depth of less than 1-1/2 times a vessel's draft

c. Under keel clearance of twice a vessel's draft

d.   Under keel clearance of less than 10 feet

22. Which engineering staff is in charge of engine room maintenance ?

a. 2nd engineer

b. Chief engineer

c. 3rd engineer

d.  Master

23. Physical stress

a. Rarely causes emotional stress

b. Is often a symptom of emotional stress

c. Rarely is connected to diet

d. Is often found in people who exercise regularly

24. Self induced stress is mainly due to

a. Family

b. Personality

c. Economy

d.  Health

25. Balancing life goals , taking of thoughts and emotions and managing schedules are all components of

a. Identifying source of stress

b. Being practical

c. Taking control

d. Copying with stress

26. One of the most important factors determining the success of an organization is

a. Effective management

b. Continuous and positive profits

c. Performance of it's employees

d.  Methods to combat internal personnel stress

27. In order to comply with safety policies and procedure, ship's crew and officers must

a. Minimize the use of alcohol

b. Focus on delivering the ship and cargo at all cost

c. Stop unsafe which may cause accidents injury or environmental pollution

28. Direct blood contact through all except

a. Needle sharing

b. Transfusion

c. Sharing of beds

d. Accident in health care settings

29. When a fuel oil is being topped off during bunkering operations, the tank value should enclosed

a. Slowly to prevent surge stresses

b. To prevent gas from escaping through the pressure- vacuum relief valves

c. After the shore pumps are stopped

d.  Rapidly to prevent overflow

30. Oil pollution regulations any transfer, or discharge of oil or oily mixtures be recorded in the

a.  Pollution control record

b. Bridge log

c. Oil record book

d.   Masters log


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