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151.  What are consequences of a ballast tank vent not working during deballasting operation?

a.  The tank de pressurization and denting of side plates.

b.   The tanks taking in cargo vapors during loading operation.

c.    The cargo tank alteration of ullage are taking place.

d.   Combination of all three a,b,c


152.  Type 1 ship is a chemical tanker intended to transport chapter 17 of the IBC code product with very severe environmental and safety hazards which require maximum preventive measure to preclude an escape of such cargo.

a.  False

b.   True

c.    High concentration of acid and organic compounds

d.   Both(b)and(c)


153.  A vessel is fitted with a sample locker or spill containment locker in the amidships, what is the general arrangement for firefighting of that compartment.

a.    Foam applicator equipment.

b.   Sprinkler system from the fire main

c.    Portable extinguishers situated outside the compartment.

d.   Any one of (A)or (C) in addition to (B)


154.  The inert gas leaving the demister is saturated with

a.    90%RH

b.   80%RH

c.    100%RH

d.   60%RH


155. In IG the mass of the water vapor contained in a given volume of saturated gas depends on the.........of the gas

a.    temperature

b.   color

c.    volume

d.   velocity


156. Which of the following is a safety consideration when dealing with liquefied gas?

a.    its corrosive

b.   it's cold

c.    it's cacogenic

d.   its caustic

157. Before entry into a cargo tank which has contained a petroleum product.........

a.    adjacent tanks must be empty

b.   the tank must be filled with fresh water and emptied

c.    static electricity must be measured

d.   the tank must be tested for a sufficient amount of oxygen


158.  The blower casing is of ...... material

a.    highly water resistant

b.   corrosion resistant

c.    both a and b

d.   none of the above


159. This valve is used in conjunction with closed and restricted measurement equipment to allow measurement in ship tanks that are closed to the atmosphere. Once a portable measurement unit (PMU) is attached to the VCV, the valve is opened and the PMU probe is dropped into the tank to perform the required measurement.

a.    PMU point

b.   measurement valve

c.    Both (A) and (B)

d.   vapor control valve (VCV)


183.  Which of the following describes a liquefied gas?

a.    a liquid that needs to be stored at absolute zero to prevent it from becoming gaseous.

b.   a gas that is mixed with another substance that causes it to liquefy

c.     a substance that at normal temperature and pressure would be a gas

d.   a liquid that is required to be heated above normal ambient temperature to make it from a gas


161.  On many modern VLCC tankers which of the following device is used to top up IG pressure on loaded condition in case of slight reduce in tank temperature.

a.    IG by the boiler plant and standard method

b.   do not fire the main boiler plant due to excess fuel consumption which is more than allowed in the agreement

c.    a separate IGG plant if installed separately

d.   wait till the discharge port. Open the tank vent to allow a little rise in tank pressure


162.  As well as chemical what may chemical tankers also be used to transport.......

a.    waste products

b.   other liquid products

c.    nuclear waste

d.   bulk acids


163.  The IG blower ........introduced pressure fluctuations in inert gas demand.

a.    must not

b.   should

c.    may or may not

d.   none of the above


164.  Are all pumps and blowers shut down during the emergency shut down procedure of a shipboard inert gas system?

a.    no, the sea water pumps and the blowers are still running

b.   no, the scrubber sea water pumps are still running

c.    no, sea water cooling of deck seal running

d.   yes, all is shut down


165.  Heat released from fire 80% of heat is conducted through conduction

a.    true

b.   false


166.  The draft reading at the middle of the ship markings, this draft can and often does, differ from the mean draft due to hogging or sagging

a.    mean draft

b.   moulded draft

c.    midship draft

d.   none of the above

167.  Mast riser fire doesn't normally occur during

a.    purging

b.   discharging

c.    loading

d.   purging inert gas pressure during normal passage


168.  What is the term for filling tanks with nitrogen, or similar liquid or gas to prevent cargo contact with the atmosphere?

a.    covering

b.   padding

c.    blanketing

d.   inerting


169.  Ballast water may be loaded into tanks previously containing NLS that have been ......

a.    stripped

b.   properly cleaned

c.    discharged

d.   certified to carry ballast


170.  The proportion of nitrogen in inert gas is approximately......

a.    51% by vol

b.   77% by vol

c.    56% by vol

d.   85%by vol


171.  A raised bridge running fore and aft from the midship house, and also called walkway.it affords safe passage over the pipeline and other deck obstruction.

a.    safe walkway

b.   anchor station walkways

c.    catwalk

d.   gas escape routes


172. What is the expansion ratio for low expansion foam?

a.    from about 3:1 up to about 20:1

b.   from about 5.1 up to about 10.1

c.    from about3.1 up to about 5.1

d.   from about 10.1 up to about 20.1


173.  International load  line certificate  -A document  issued by  a classification  society stating  the minimum freeboard granted to a vessel and giving the position of the loading disc on ships side/

a.    true

b.   false


174.  The static suction head of a pump is the ........

a.    force necessary to overcome frictional losses in the pump and piping.

b.   amount in inches of mercury the total suction head is below atmospheric pressure.

c.    distance of the suction liquid level above the center line of the pump

d.   distance of the suction liquid level below the center line of pump


175.  General arrangement plan-A drawing of a ship which lists all necessary statistics and operating information such as

a.    LOA, SDWT, cargo, water, fuel capacity etc.

b.   type of cargo and ships

c.    water ballast exchange log

d.   all of the above


176.  Which firefighting equipment is most efficient and with the least side effects in case of a large fire in the engine room?

a.    central foam extinguishing system

b.   powder extinguishing system

c.    central gas extinguishing system and or water fog

d.   sprinkler system


177. When approaching a fire from windward, you should shield firefighters from the fire by using .........

a.    low velocity fog

b.   high velocity fog

c.    straight stream of water

d.   foam spray


178.  In the chemical trade the acceptable means of cargo line segregation in case of two non-compatible products is

a.    by double blank flanges with a drain between them

b.   by double valve segregation using sluice valve only

c.    by a single blank flange

d.   by double valve segregation


179.  Care should be taken when disconnecting cargo pipelines and lines because.......

a.    the pipes are delicate

b.   the pipes may be brittle

c.    the pipes may be electrically charged

d.   residues may spill out


180. If a bonding cable is not connected by the terminal when joining a manifold for cargo operation........

a.    you should not commence cargo operation

b.   you should use an international shore connection

c.    you should insert insulating flanges or single length of non-conducting hose

d.   you should use an oxygen analyzer at all times

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