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1.   When the IG plant is shutdown, the IBC cooling water should be let on the scrubber for at least ____hour(s)

a)   1

b)   2

c) 3

d) 4

2.   What are consequences of a high oxygen content alarm sound during normal operation?

a)   The plant is shut down

b)   The pressure control valve and the flue gas isolating valve will automatically close

c)   The alarm in Ccr will sound loud and the plant will auto stop

d)   The deck demand valve will automatically close. The atmosphere purge valve will open and the furnace presser control valve will regulate.


3.   What are these types of tanker: -LR1 (large range 1)

a)   25,000-49,999DWT

b)   50,000-79,999 DWT

c)   80,000-159,999 DWT

d)   None Of the Above


4.   The petroleum remaining after the removal of products such as methane is termed_______

a)   Crude oil

b)   Diesel oil

c)   HFO

d)   None Of These


5.   PROTECTION for acetylene & oxygen line flame arresters & N/R flow back valves are for

a)   Carrying out gas welding & acetylene gas cutting work

b)   Protection of personnel from high temp.

c)   Preventing sparks from entering a tank or vent opening

d)   Fire fighting


6.   In case of P/V valve for one tank is not working and the tank pressure is rising, what immediate actions are necessary usually set to follow?

a)   Abort filling that individual tank

b)   Try to open the valve manually

c)   Isolate the line and change the valve from vessels tested spare

d)   Follow all the procedures (A) + (B) &(C)


7.   Which topic is not required to be discussed at the pre- transfer conference?

a)   Estimated time of finishing cargo

b)   Details of transfer and receiving system

c)   Emergency shutdown procedures

d)   Identity of the product to be transferred


8.   Examples of inorganic chemicals such as:

a)   Sulphuric acid

b)   Phosphoric acid

c)   Nitric acid

d)   All of the above


9.   Clean ballast is normally______

a)   Ballast water loaded directly into a cargo tank after discharge

b)   Ballast water into cargo tanks which have been washed crude oil

c)   Ballast water loaded into cargo tanks which have been crude oil and water washed

d)   Ballast water loaded in designated tanks used only for that purpose


10.  During loading operation ullage and temp measuring equipment is showing low battery which place can we replace battery

a)   Can be replaced on tank area

b)   Can be replaced near manifold area

c)   Can be replaced at pump room entrance

d)   Can be replaced only with indoor accommodation


11. Vessels in clean service normally do not have or need heater coils as the viscosity of the clean product is low enough to permit easy pumping at atmospheric temps.

a)   Applies to all clean petroleum products (CPP)

b)   With the exception of some lube oils & special vegetable oils

c)   Applies to all chemicals

d)   Applies to all condensates


12. The foam system is operated from the _____room

a)   CCR

b)   ECR

c)   FGFC

d)   All the above


13. MARPOL Annex VI applies:

a)   Only the ships that fly the flag of a state that is party to MARPOL annex VI

b)   Only to ships that visit ports of a state that is party to MARPOL annex VI

c)   To ship with both of the above

d)   All ships irrespective of flag or port state control requirements


14. Category X: Noxious liquid substance which, if discharged into the sea from tank cleaning or de ballasting operations, are deemed to present a major hazard to either marine resources or human health and, therefore, justify the prohibition of the discharge into the marine environment

a)   True

b)   False


15. To discharge the last amount of cargo ashore, if the stripping vacuum system fails to carry out and enable to perform what is the last means of striping arrangement in a CRUDE/PRODUCT oil tanker having cargo pump room?

a)   Individual stripping pump electrical driven in the pump room

b)   To repair the vacuum stripping system

c)   Use the stream driven reciprocating pump for stripping

d)   Use portable pump through the tank lids to the surface to cargo


16. Cryogenic burns can result in frostbite, what is the proper immediate treatment?

a)   Massage the affected area

b)   Apply ice to the area and gradually warm

c)   Warm the area quickly by placing it in water at 108F until it has thawed

d)   Compress the affected area with cryogenic burn heat wrap


17. In IG system, in the flue gas line ______should be as far above the economizer as possible

a)   Uptake

b)   Take over

c)   Take in

d)   None of the above


18. What is the required diameter of the crude oil wash lines, according to the ship

a)   To maintain the pressure

b)   To maintain flow

c)   No special requirement regarding the line dimensions

d)   To maintain the required pressure and flow to the individual type of machine in use


19. Expand the abbreviation ‘ESD’ system

a)   Emergency stop and disconnect system

b)   Emergency shut down system

c)   Emergency shore disconnection system

d)   Emergency shutting and disconnecting system


20. Dirty ballast

a)   Contaminated Mud with ballast water

b)   Applies to the S.W. used for ballast when it is contaminated with the remains or residue left in cargo tanks that previously carried crude persistent refined oils.

c)    Ballast water from a different origin

21. While the vessels are in a red sea port during loading/discharging a hydrocarbon cargo, should air suction for the accommodation be:

a)   Closed down all together

b)   Recirc fully open fresh air intake closed

c)   A mixture of both

d)   Placed on full recirculation


22. Why the carriage and usage of hand gas lighters are prohibited on board oil and chemical tankers? What is an alternative means for lighting a fire?

a)   Intrinsically safe lighters are used to test the heat & flame detectors.

b)   Safety igniters are used for lighting up gas torches before hot work

c)   Safety matches are available to use in designated smoking areas


23. The IG blower should be capable of maintaining a positive pressure of __mm WG minimum in the cargo tanks  regardless of the tank combination for discharging

a)   100

b)   200

c)   300

d)   400


24. What are the necessary conditions that must take place for an electrical discharge [spark]to occur?

a)   Electrostatic separation

b)   Electrostatic accumulation

c)   Electrostatic discharge

d)   All the above


25. In enclosed space, declared gas free further gas may be released _____

a)   After loose scale and sludge are disturbed

b)   When oxygen level becomes reduced

c)   When water is loaded into the cargo tank

d)   When the temp of the sea water rises


26. The prime mover of deep well pump is usually an _____ motor.

a)   Electric

b)   Hydraulic

c)   Pneumatic

d)   Electric or hydraulic


27. How is sea water supplied to the deck seal?

a)   Through the deck fire line

b)   Through the main sea water pump or the cargo condenser pump

c)   Through the deck seal pump fitted in the engine room

d)   Through a sea water aggregate pump fixed on the cargo deck


28. Operation of educator what is correct?

a)   Continuous checking suction pressure

b)   According to the specific educator's performance curve

c)   Min 8 bar drive pressure and high back pressure

d)   Min12 bar drive pressure


29. If you changed the set point of relief valve where would you make a record of the change?

a)   Personal record book

b)   Cargo record book

c)   Ships log

d)   Engine room log


30. Material for IG blower casing is____

a)   Mild steel

b)   Stainless steel

c)   Cast steel

d)   Cast iron

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