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61. In the event of cargo spillage, which of following would be informed first?

a)   The clean-up contractor

b)   The agent

c)   The ship owner

d)   The port authority


62. One of the requirements for the crude oil washing on tankers is that an inert gas system be fitted, according to regulations supply of an inert gas system can be have portable connection to which space other than cargo tank?

a)   Every cargo tanks

b)   Every cargo and slop tank and cofferdam

c)   Every cargo and slop tank

d)   Every cargo tank, slop tank, cofferdam and ramp space 


63. High IG temperature trip is about___

a)   55C

b)   65C

c)   85C

d)   75C


64. The flammable range of different chemicals may be ___

a)   Always the same

b)   The same

c)   Often different

d)   Always different


65. The apparatus consists of double opposed nozzles which rotate slowly about their horizontal and vertical axis and project two streams of water through all possible angles against all inside surfaces of the space being cleaned.

a)   Crude oil washing machines

b)   Butterworth tank cleaning machine

c)   Manually operated deck tube nozzle machine

d)   All of the above (A) (B) (C) or combinations of attachment


66. Pyrophoric iron sulphide is formed:

a)   In the presence of oxygen

b)   In presence of H2S

c)   When rust is formed in tanks

d)   All of the above


67. It is the lowest liquid temperature at which the small flame initiates a flash of flame across the surface of the liquid, there by indicating presence of flammable gas above the liquid

a)   Pour point

b)   Flash point

c)   Cloud point

d)   None of the above


68. What does ODME mean?

a)   Oil detecting – master evaluating

b)   Over board detecting measure equipment

c)   Oil detection measure equipment

d)   Oil discharge monitoring equipment


69. Which of the following is compulsory on ships fitted with inert gas?

a)   No smoking is allowed in any place at all on the vessel

b)   an entry permit is required each time a person enters the pump room for any reason

c)   Notice is to be placed at entrance as required NO ENTRANCE WITHOUT PERMISSION OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON (C / O) inert gas

d)   Three (3) breathing apparatus sets with spare bottles and a refilling compressor Is fitted in the forecastle


70. All VLCC normally has cargo tank heating arrangement as

a)   Heating steam arrangement in the individual tanks by steam circulation

b)   Deck heaters electrically heated for circulation through heaters

c)   Deck steam heater heated by steam circulation

d)   None of the above


71. ____ is considered as best material for IG blower impellers

a)   Chromium

b)   Steel

c)   Titanium

d)   Aluminum


72. IG blowers are to be fitted with inlet and outlet valves in gas line with ___seats

a)   Copper

b)   Aluminum

c)   Leather

d)   Rubber


73. There is an isolated fire on the poop deck, where should the master take control from?

a)   The ship's office

b)   The emergency headquarters

c)   The incident sites

d)   The bridge


74. Before cargo operations begin the responsible person on board and the terminal representative will complete___

a)   Meeting agreement

b)   Ship / shore operation plan

c)   Ship details plan

d)   Ship / shore safety check list


75. When starting a stripping operation in a hydraulically operated centrifugal cargo oil pump system the following are the right path to follow

a)   Use a stripping vacuum system

b)   The cargo wells are designed to carry out self-stripping

c)   Use a separate stripping pump

d)   All of the above as the system and attachment deemed fit


76. The IBC code defines ___ types of chemical tankers

a)   2

b)   3

c)   4

d)   None of the above


77. What is cubic limitation: - this is usually caused by loading light crude (crude with high API) or clean products

a)   Reaching cargo tank capacity before vessel immerses in its load-line

b)   Loading in all cargo and slop tanks

c)   Loading maximum till the maximum load line

d)   Loading till the orders of the cargo receiver


78. What must you have before carrying out any hot work on a tanker

a)   Permission from a senior officer

b)   Permission from company

c)   A permit to work

d)   Permission from chief engineer


79. If information concerning cargo is not available it should be ____

a)   Not loaded

b)   Loaded

c)   Loaded till information becomes available

d)   Loaded with caution


80. A cargo educator casing normally made of which of the following material?

a)   Phosphor bronze cast

b)   Specially made cast steel

c)   Cast iron

d)   Stainless steel


81. What types of ships are commonly known as pre-MARPOL tankers?

a)   A ship which does not comply with the requirements for protectively located segregated ballast tanks

b)   A category 2 oil tanker

c)   A ship which do comply with die requirements for protectively located segregated ballast tank

d)   A category 3 oil tanker


82. What is the meaning of non-volatile cargo

a)   Flash point below 65 c

b)   Flash point above 60 c

c)   Flash point above 65 c

d)   Flash point below 60 c


83. When discharging a tanker, how can list be control?

a)   By shore side personnel

b)   By using the after peak tank, loading as necessary

c)   By using wing tank near the longitudinal center, discharging as necessary

d)   By using a center tank near the bow, discharging as necessary


84. Which of these valves will be cycled from fully open to fully closed when the angle is turned 90

a)   Butterfly valve

b)   Check valve

c)   Globe stop valve

d)   Gate valve


85. The frequency of pressure testing ashore of BA sets should as a maximum be every ___

a)   10yrs

b)   6yrs

c)   5yrs

d)   15yrs


86. ____ such as petrol (motor spirit) and diesel oil tend to be liquid under normal atmosphere

a)   Very light molecules

b)   Very heavy molecules

c)   Intermediate molecule

d)   None Of These


87. The allowable time specified in the charter party for vessels loading or discharging of cargo

a)   Lay time

b)   Specified loading time

c)   Maximum allowed loading time

d)   Charter party loading time


88. When discharging a double hulled tanker, the discharge plan must take into account____

a)   A discharge rate is that too fast

b)   A discharge rate is too slow

c)   Crude oil washing and discharging simultaneously

d)   Inerting is adequate with respect to discharge


89. Fixed foam monitors having a nozzle rotation angle of____ degree

a)   180

b)   270

c)   360

d)   240


90. During cargo operation or whenever dangerous vapor may be present on deck___

a)   All accommodation doors and windows should be open to allow vapor to dissipate

b)   Immediately cease all cargo operations

c)   Hoist flag bravo

d)   Keep closed all ports and windows which are facing the cargo area

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