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91. At which level will the slop system high level alarm sound?

a)   97%

b)   96%

c)   98%

d)   95%


92. What are easy chemicals____

a)   Calcium carbonate

b)   Hydrogen chloride

c)   Sodium hydroxide

d)   All of the above


93. When operating with a negative suction head which of this type of pump is the best choice?

a)   Reciprocating

b)   Rotary

c)   Gear

d)   Centrifugal


94. Loading through the pump discharge and recirculation line initially is _____

a)   Permissible

b)   Done to increase the loading rate.

c)   Normally the approved way to load all the cargo & slop tanks

d)   To be avoided.


95. When should employees be informed of the fire hazards to which they are exposed at work?

a)   Upon the initial assignment

b)   Within two days of the initial assignment

c)   Within 30 days of the initial assignment

d)   Within 90 days of the initial assignment


96. A designated area within definite limits which has been accurately surveyed for clearance of sea bottom and submerged obstacles to a minimum indicated depth of water

a)   Designated routes

b)   Safe shipping routes

c)   Safe slop discharge routes

d)   Deep water route


97. The groups of alcohols and carbohydrates includes products which may be produced by fermentation, such as

a)   Liquor

b)   Wine

c)   Mollasses


98. To discharge the last amount of cargo ashore, the stripping pump through the small diameter line is used from cargo tanks. Where does this small diameter line come from in the pump room ?

a)   From the individual stripping line to the stripping pump.

b)   From the tank suction line to the Main cargo oil pump.

c)   From the cargo pump suction pipe line to the stripping pump.

d)   From the cargo pump discharge line to the stripping pump.


99. The term solubility refers to the ability to mix with _________

a)   Oil

b)   Air

c)   Water

d)   other liquids


100.  Fixed foam monitors having a maximum capacity of _____ L/min

a)   4400

b)   5500

c)   6600

d)   7700


101.  Cargo tanks are not ____ with IG before gas freeing then the concentration of atmosphere will pass through flammable range

a)   Crude oil washed

b)   Purged

c)   Tank cleaning

d)   Re-inerting


102.  In scrubber _____ is readily absorbed by water

a)   SO2

b)   SO3

c)   SO4

d)   Sox


103.  Inert gas system has scrubber tower in a flue gas from boiler flue gas type of system. What is the arrangement for a separately fired inert gas Generator?

a)   The IG Generator also has scrubber tower combined with the furnace.

b)   The IG Generator can also have a separate scrubber tower.

c)   The separately fired IG Generator does not have a scrubber tower.

d)   Conditions (A) and (C) are suitable.


104.  Why CO2 is not used as an inert gas

a) More denser

b) Have more conductivity

c) Have intense electro-static field

d) None of the above


105.  An inert gas is one which has little or no ability to react with other gases, or to heat. Examples of Inert gases are nitrogen and CO2. Shipboard inert gas systems utilize CO2, either from flue gas sources or from inert gas generators.

a)   True

b)   False


106.  Submerged cargo pumps cofferdam leakage is tested by the following intervals

a) Every 6 months

b) Every 12 months

c) Every month

d) Every monthly & suitably after every operation of discharge/ballasting.


107.  Who should tank cleaning operations be supervised by?

a)   Shore representative

b)   Pump man

c)   Deck Officer

d)   Responsible Officer 


108.  Which of the following terms is used to identify the pressure of the liquid entering a pump?

a)   Suction head

b)   Discharge head

c)   Total Pump head

d)   Pump RPM


109.  In theory, a cargo pump should be able to draw up a liquid to a height equalling atmospheric pressure. This would be approximately ___

a)   30 meters

b)   15 meters

c)   5 meters

d)   10 meters


110.  Separate CO2 system comprises of 4 cylinders that are manually operated, is there for

a)   IG fan room

b)   Emergency generator room

c)   Incinerator room

d)   All the above


111.  In IG, some of the gas may be released to the atmosphere in order to

a)   Reduce the pressure

b)   Maintain a reasonable flow rate

c)   Reduce the back pressure

d)   All the above


112.  ____ such as asphalt and bitumen tend to be solid under normal atmospheric conditions

a)   Very light molecules

b)   Very heavy molecules

c)   Intermediate molecule

d)   None Of These



113.  Which of these statements is correct concerning the starting of centrifugal pumps?

a)   They should always be started with the discharge valve opened.

b)   They should always be started with the sealing line valves closed.

c)   A priming pump is always required to flood the impeller suction.

d)   They should always be started with the discharge valve closed.


114.  Prior Gas freeing of cargo tank HC content should be below ____% by volume

a)   8%

b)   11%

c)   5%

d)   2%


115.  In oil tankers, continuous analyzers are fitted ____

a)   Permanently

b)   Temporarily

c)   Portable

d)   None of the above


116.  The internal space can be the lower part of a ship hold or the engine room and serves as a drainage area where accumulated water can run into and be pumped from is called a

a)   Drain tank

b)   Pit well

c)   Bilge

d)   Bilge Tank


117.  The IBC Code lists in its ____ chapter the requirements that must be satisfied by a ship prior to it being certified as a chemical tanker regardless of the specific cargoes it is intended to carry.

a)   14

b)   15

c)   16


118.  The main inert gas distribution line on deck is provided with one or two __________

a)   Gauge glass to monitor the presence of liquid

b)   Flow meter

c)   PV breaker

d)   Fixed oxygen content analyzer


119.  Internally lined deck seal shells should be fitted with a ___ in the way so the steam heating pipe enters the shell

a)   Drain valve

b)   Steam trap

c)   Heat sink

d)   All the above


120.  While discharging cargo if the oxygen content within the inert gas main is above the SOLAS 1974 recommendations and the Engine Room inform you that they cannot reduce it, what would your actions be?

a)   Continue with cargo operations

b)   Call the Chief Engineer and continue with cargo operations

c)   Stop all cargo operations

d)   Call the Master and continue with cargo operations

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