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1. What is the alternative means of supply of sea water to the deck seal unit in case of maintenance or failure of designated deck seal Pump?

a) Through the deck fire line

b) Through the main sea water pump or the cargo condenser pump

c) Through the deck seal pump fitted in the engine room

d) Through a sea water aggregate pump fixed on the cargo deck

2. Expand the abbreviation ‘ESD’ system

a) Emergency stop and disconnect system

b) Emergency shut down system

c) Emergency shore disconnection system

d) Emergency shutting and disconnecting system

3. Chapter 4 MARPOL annex VI was adopted on

a) 17th August 2009

b) 1st March 2012

c) 1St January 2010

d) 15th July 2011

4. A centrifugal bilge pump requires priming

a) In order to overcome the potential energy of water in the discharge line.

b) Primarily to lubricate the shaft.

c) Due to the inability of this type of pump to lift water to cover the suction(eye)) of the empeller.

d) To initially unload the pump by having its head pressure equal to discharge pressure

5. A scrubber tower which is normally acts as a _____.

a) Heater

b) Cooler

c) Humidifier

d) Dehumidifier

6. On many modern VLCC tankers which of the following device is used to top up IG pressure on loaded condition in case of slight reduce in tank temperature.

a) Supplement IG by the boiler and standard method. 

b) Do not fire the main boiler plant due to excess fuel consumption which is more than allowed in the agreement

c) A separate IGG plant if installed separately

d) Wat till the discharge port, open tank vent to allow a little rise in tank pressure.

7. what is handy size tanker.

a) Tankers of about 12000 to 25000 DWT.

b) From 26000 to 16500 tdw

c) Under 16,500 DWT

d) from 36000 to 26000 tdw

8. Before cargo operations begin the responsible person on board and the terminal representative will complete___

a) Meeting agreement

b) Ship / shore operation plan

c) Ship details plan

d) Ship / shore safety check list

9. In theory, a cargo pump should be able to draw up a liquid to a height equaling atmospheric pressure. This would be approximately ___

a) 30 meters

b) 15 meters

c) 5 meters

d) 10 meters

10. In flue gas line. It would be advantageous to fit _______door downstream from the flue gas valve

A) Inspection

B) Access

C) both a and b

D) None of the above

11. The depth of the space in a tank not occupied by oil. same as ullage. It is measured from the flange of the ullage hole to the surface of the space left in petroleum product container to allow for expansion as a result of temperature chages during shipment and use,

a) Innage

b) Outage (Ullage)

c) Sounding

d) Air volume

12. A cargo educator casing normally made of which of the following material?

a) Phosphor bronze cast

b) Specially made cast steel

c) Cast iron

d) Stainless steel

13. Chapter __ of the code contains special requirements which are cargos specific and which must be complied with only if that specification is to be carried.

a) 14

b) 15

c) 16

d) 17

14. What is the meaning of non-volatile cargo

a) Flash point below 65 c

b) Flash point above 60 c

c) Flash point above 65 c

d) Flash point below 60 c

15. What is the meaning of volatile cargo

a) Flash point below 65 c

b) Flash point above 60 c

c) Flash point above 65 c

d) Flash point below 60 c

16. The __ should be fitted with suitable inspection & drainage arrangements

a) Mast riser

b) PV valve

c) PV breaker

d) All the above

17. ____ such as petrol (motor spirit) and diesel oil tend to be liquid under normal atmosphere

Intermediate molecule

Very heavy molecules

Very light molecules

None of these

18. Filling Density the ratio of the weight of liquid in a tank to the weight of distilled water at 60F. the tank will hold. It is expressed as a percent



19. A phrase sometimes used to describe an action or procedure that is not committed to writing. but which has been followed for a long time. and considered standard practice by practitioners in the trade.

a) Natural Limitation

b) Custom of the Trade

c) Both

d) none of the above

20. What types of ships are commonly known as pre-MARPOL tankers?

a) A ship which does not comply with the requirements for protectively located segregated ballast tanks

b) A category 2 oil tanker

c) A ship which do comply with die requirements for protectively located segregated ballast tank

d) A category 3 oil tanker

21. Tankers of similar size to parcel tankers but with fewer cargo tanks, mostly of coated steel rather than stainless, and less sophisticated pump and line arrangements. Such ships carry the less difficult chemicals, and also trade extensively with clean oil products.

a) Genral Product tanker

b) Utility chemical tanker

c) Product / Chemical tanker

d) Special Chemical tanker

22. What are easy chemicals____

a) Calcium carbonate

b) Hydrogen chloride

c) Sodium hydroxide

d) All of the above

23. In a sample of ethyl Ethanoate (CH3 COOC2H5) THE TWO oxygen atoms have the same number of electrons but different numbers of neutrons. Which of the following is the correct reason for it?

One of the oxygen atoms has gained electrons

One of the oxygen atoms has gained two neutrons

The two oxygen atoms are isotopes

The two oxygen atoms are isobars

24. PV valve is fitted at

a) Common IG line

b) Cargo Pipeline

c) Individual cargo tanks

d) none of these

25.Typically, up to 40,000 tonnes deadweight with multiple small cargo tanks - up to 54 - each with an individual pump and a dedicated pipeline, to carry small parcels of high grade chemicals. These ships have a significant proportion of the cargo tanks made with stainless steel, allowing maximum flexibility to carry cargoes that need their quality safeguarded.

a) Sophisticated parcel chemical tankers:

b) Complicated Chemical tanker

c) Afra max chemical tanker

d) None of these

26. During loading. firefighting equipment should be laid out ready for use in the vicinity of the

a) Engine room

b) Pump Room

c)Stern manifold

d) none of these

27. is cubic limitation: - this is usually caused by loading a light crude (crude with high API) or clean products

a) Reaching cargo tank capacity before vessel immerses to its load-line

b) Loading in all cargo and slop tanks

c) Loading maximum till the maximum load line

d) Loading till the orders of the cargo receiver

28. Which of the following methods applies to how a vacuum is created by a jet pump or an eductor?

A) A propeller drawing a fluid through a Venturi nozzle.

B) A reciprocating plunger directly applying force to a fluid.

C) A rapidly moving stream of fluid passing through a nozzle. 

D) Centrifugal force converted into potential energy.

29. General arrangement plan-A drawing of a ship which lists all necessary statistics and operating information such as

a) LOA, SDWT, cargo, water, fuel capacity etc.

b) type of cargo and ships

c) water ballast exchange log

d) all of the above

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